Pre Owned Computer Sales

 Our current sales inventory consist of pre owned Dell, HP and Apple laptops and desktops, new and used monitors,  and printers.    We also have a limited supply of computer parts for the do it yourself IT novices.

Though most of our equipment comes from auctions, other vendors and closed out businesses, we do at times purchase computer equipment from the general public.  All of our pre owned equipment is carefully  inspected and where necessary we replace faulty and worn parts.  We provide a 30 day warranty on all pre owned equipment with the exception of laptop batteries.  On the sales our PC s and Laptops we will freely re-install the operating system of any customer whose system has been corrupted by a virus or misuse.  This is a onetime service for a period of 45 days from the date of purchase.   After the 45 day period we will re-install the operating system at half of our regular rate for a ninety day period from the date of sale.  Any backup or transfer of any data will be at our regular rate.




3309 Spring St
Harrisburg, Dauphin County 17109

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